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Building BB8

Soon after the latest Star Wars movie came out, Sphero introduced its model of the BB-8 robot. Soon afterward people were taking it apart to see how it worked. Two designs emerged, the hamster cage and single axis A few people started … Continue reading

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Graph of a musical groups’ albums, songs and lyrics

The Idea Being the dad of a teenage daughter means I listen to a lot of the current music. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift. Recently is all about One Direction. As “” recently said “One Direction owns the internet in 2015. … Continue reading

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Like a lot of people I grew up with video games. But these were quit different from what we have today. Space invaders, Lunar lander, Missile Command and Asteroids look like cave drawings when compared to what is available today.  I have … Continue reading

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back to the jobs data..

The task is to query the system each and store the results. The goal is to have sufficient data to process through a Hadoop/Spark process and perform text analysis. Many of the postings, especially from agencies, are duplicates. I want … Continue reading

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Machine learning Scrum Sprint estimates

Another idea as part of my “A year with data” exploration. Anyone who has worked in a Scrum/Agile environment understands the pain involved with task estimation. Some of the methods include shirt sizes (S, M, L),  the Fibonacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, … Continue reading

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A year with data: Day 2

Wow! two days in a row, good for me. Where to start… Probably with the data. Project tycho. The project has gathered data(level 2) over a 126 year period(1888 to 2014). Divided in to cases and deaths it include fifty … Continue reading

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A year of data..

A year with data I have been trying to work on data analysis for a while, but its been a lot of start and stop. I started with pure spatial data(University of Maine, Spatial Information) and then started working with … Continue reading

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