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back to the jobs data..

The task is to query the system each and store the results. The goal is to have sufficient data to process through a Hadoop/Spark process and perform text analysis. Many of the postings, especially from agencies, are duplicates. I want … Continue reading

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Machine learning Scrum Sprint estimates

Another idea as part of my “A year with data” exploration. Anyone who has worked in a Scrum/Agile environment understands the pain involved with task estimation. Some of the methods include shirt sizes (S, M, L),  the Fibonacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, … Continue reading

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A year with data: Day 2

Wow! two days in a row, good for me. Where to start… Probably with the data. Project tycho. The project has gathered data(level 2) over a 126 year period(1888 to 2014). Divided in to cases and deaths it include fifty … Continue reading

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A year of data..

A year with data I have been trying to work on data analysis for a while, but its been a lot of start and stop. I started with pure spatial data(University of Maine, Spatial Information) and then started working with … Continue reading

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Multi-channel Attribution Using Neo4j Graph Database

Originally posted on Business Applications:
Introduction Globally more than $500 Billion was spent on advertising (Lunden, 2013). One of the greatest challenges of spending money on advertising is trying to understand the impact of those dollars on sales. With the…

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Image processing to find tissue contours

The GRiTs project( considered how genes interact with each other in space and time. Evaluating this the process begins by determining the border structure of the image. This is done manually using a drawing tool and outlining the border. The … Continue reading

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Internet of Related Things IORT

The topic,Internet of Things(IOT) is quite popular today. There is a lot of discussion about IP enabled devices, API’s, storage, and other ideas that address the “How” of IOT. Having spent a good many years developing software this process is … Continue reading

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Graph Database – project Tycho with RNeo4j

Before I continue with R, I discovered another issue. When I started to process the data sets I obtained the Lat, Lon for each of the cities. I have used the spatial component of Neo4j before in a Java application. … Continue reading

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Graph Database – project Tycho part 5

The loading process was taking too long. I felt there were several options ideas, was to switch to Java and load the data with an embedded connection. Another was to try and use the batch loaded. I looked at this … Continue reading

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Graph Database – project Tycho part 4

The process of loading the database is slow. I’ll need to determine how to use the batch loader before I can utilize all of the data. Looking at the data on my laptop was interesting but wanting to share this … Continue reading

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