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Content Management with AWS Lambda

Crazy? Probably, but it won’t be the first time that has been suggested. First,let me offer some background. Recently I have had the opportunity to experience what content management systems do and how they utilized. Products like Documentum and Alfresco … Continue reading

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An experiment with Lucene and Shakespeare

There is a lot of talk about Solr these days. The engine that drives Solr is Lucene which I have used Lucene in  Neo4j, but never directly. Maybe its time to see how it works. Lucene Lucene is full-text search … Continue reading

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Deep Learning- self driving car (hobby)

Really it is a Tesla.. Four electric motors, batteries, sensors, and two cameras. Okay…kinda like a Tesla. I have been fasinated with neural networks going back to the early 90’s when I was doing work on forms recognition and hand … Continue reading

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Data Centric programming – End of the Cloud

  Interesting. The idea of data centric computing is something I have been thinking about. The rise of machine learning plays a big part of this… The End of Cloud Computing

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Unity – pong game.. why not

The original pong game was not much compared to what would come later. For many it was amazing that something like was available for use in the home.  I have seen others make pong games in Unity and thought it … Continue reading

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Multimedia Mobile application using Low Power Bluetooth(BLE)

… in a museum. You walk by an painting suddenly your phone becomes the voice of the artist and begins to speak to you about the piece…. Bringing art to the guest. In 2008 I developed an application that used RFID … Continue reading

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Podcast Interview with Greg Ricker

My podcast with Rik Van Bruggen

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Building BB8

Soon after the latest Star Wars movie came out, Sphero introduced its model of the BB-8 robot. Soon afterward people were taking it apart to see how it worked. Two designs emerged, the hamster cage and single axis A few people started … Continue reading

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Graph of a musical groups’ albums, songs and lyrics

The Idea Being the dad of a teenage daughter means I listen to a lot of the current music. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift. Recently is all about One Direction. As “” recently said “One Direction owns the internet in 2015. … Continue reading

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Like a lot of people I grew up with video games. But these were quit different from what we have today. Space invaders, Lunar lander, Missile Command and Asteroids look like cave drawings when compared to what is available today.  I have … Continue reading

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