I like software. I started out as a hardware engineer but that quickly turned toward software development. Probably the best jobs I have had are those that combine controlling hardware with software. By this I don’t mean a keyboard or a mouse. But more along the lines of interfaces between computers, making software control other pieces of hardware.

I also found that spatial information is wicked fun to do. I started out doing 3D visualization for CT and then mapping the data to 2D planar images. The most recent project involves volume data of genes over a period of time, 4D! Gene data is classified by its density from either physical slices or CT images. This 3D information  is stored by time(stage of development). The goal is to look for gene types in the same space over a development period and determine if there are regulation affects.

This work is fun but one needs pay the bills so I have done a good deal of Java/Web services, RFID location tracking and windows C++ work.

Like I said I like software. So I am also doing work on mobile devices like iOS and Android. The later is more interesting since the freedom to “play” is greater. Tools like Unity3D make developing things like games much simpler.