Multi-channel Attribution Using Neo4j Graph Database

Neo4j Graph:Multi-channel Attribution

Business Applications


Globally more than $500 Billion was spent on advertising (Lunden, 2013). One of the greatest challenges of spending money on advertising is trying to understand the impact of those dollars on sales. With the proliferation of multiple mediums or channels (TV, search engines, social media, gaming platforms and mobile) on which precious marketing dollars can be spent, a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is in dire need of insights into the return on his investment in each medium. More importantly, the CMO needs timely data to prove that spending on a specific channel has a good return on investment. Neo4j can be used to help marketing applications get answers to tough questions:

  • How much was the increase in web awareness of the product after a commercial was aired in a specific TV channel on a specific date in a specific geographic area?
  • How much of that web awareness translated into‚Ķ

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