Graph Database – project Tycho part 4

The process of loading the database is slow. I’ll need to determine how to use the batch loader before I can utilize all of the data.

Looking at the data on my laptop was interesting but wanting to share this meant doing more. I decided to go the Amazon EC route.

Update: The micro EC is not capable of handling even a third of the data. I have pulled the instance and will look for another hosting solution.

The next step is to create cypher queries. These two give an idea of what can be found.

match (st:State)-[:CITY_IN_STATE]->(ct:City)
where =”AL”
return ct;
match (st:State)-[:CITY_IN_STATE]-(ct:City)-[HAS_DEATH]-(d:Death)
where =”CA” and d.year=1920
return ct,d

Since this is still in a testing phase I have limited the data set to 50 cases and deaths for each city. Also need to geocode the cities so interesting spatial queries can be done.

Next, use Xarmin to develop an app to view and query the data.

Or… node.js with D3.js  ?


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